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Kapoors Dental care is the best dental clinic in Delhi. It is a multi speciality dental clinic with three different branches in Delhi. The best dental services can be availed here. Dr. Nishant Kapoor (owner of Kapoors Dental Care) is a professional dental surgeon who has saved many happy smiles. And with the help of his staff, he has proved to be a successful dentist. Their good behaviour has been maintaining good customer relationships. Kapoors Dental Care Clinic has the best professional team who are specialized in all dental treatments. We have professional team of dental technicians, dental assistants and dental hygienists who take care of your dental treatment.

kapoors-dental-care-dentist-homeAbout Dr. Nishant Kapoor Dr. Nishant Kapoor is an experienced Dental Surgeon and highly qualified (B.D.S., M.I.D.A., M.R.D.C.). That is why he is able to provide quality dental services to his patients. Besides, he also has a specialized team in dental services. Many patients come with different dental problems and go back to home with smiling faces. Also, the staff attends everyone pleasantly. Dr. Nishant Kapoor is a well-known dental surgeon in the West-Delhi. Due to his happy customer services, his patients come from different corners of Delhi-NCR. He has done many root canal treatment and also given emergency dental services. With the due respect, Kapoors Dental Care has managed to become the best dental clinic in Delhi and Mr. Kapoor is known as the best dentist in West-Delhi.



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Kapoors Dental Care is known to be the best dental clinic in Delhi as it has been taking care of it’s patients successfully from many years. root canal treatment, teeth scaling, braces, invisalign, dentures, orthodontic treatment, crowns, bridges and emergency dentist services are provided by the best dental clinic in Delhi. Kapoors clinic is very famous for providing quality dental services like:

Dental X-Ray

Dental X ray is the best method to diagnose teeth problems. X-ray are a form of radiation similar to light rays, except that they are more energetic than light rays and are invisible to the human eye.

Scaling of teeth-Teeth whitening

Scaling of teeth, Teeth cleaning or dental scaling or conventional periodontal therapy is the dental procedure of removing the dental plaque and calculus.

Tooth Extraction-Wisdom Tooth Extraction

Tooth extraction or wisdom tooth extraction is the process of removal of teeth or wisdom teeth from socket. It is also termed as dental extraction, tooth pulling and exodontia.


Denture is the artificial replacement for single tooth, several teeth or all teeth. It is the removable replacement for missing teeth and connective tissues.

Root Canal Treatment

Root Canal treatment or R.C.T. is a dental treatment process in which the damaged pulp of a tooth is removed. After removal of damaged or dead pulp, the gapped space is cleaned and filled in proper shape, then it is sealed.


Toothache is generally referred to the pain in the tooth or gums. It is also called dental pain. Dental pain can be caused by dental diseases or non-dental diseases.

Braces for teeth-Invisalign

Braces for teeth are also known as removable braces or teeth braces. Teeth braces are generally used to treat the misaligned teeth. They help in straightening and positioning of teeth with regard to a person’s bite.

Dental Implants

Dental Implants or Endosseous implant refers to the replacement of tooth roots. These tooth roots are implanted to provide stronger base to the artificial or fixed tooth.



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How to take Care of Baby’s Teeth

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Protecting your teeth during sports

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Branches of best dental clinic in Delhi

Kapoors Dental Care is the best dental clinic in Delhi. Its branches are located in the different regions of West-Delhi i.e., Janakpuri, Fateh Nagar (Jail Road) and Mohan Garden (Uttam Nagar).

Dentist in Jail road

C-60, Fateh Nagar, Jail Road,(Near Singh Sabha Gurudwara), New Delhi – 110018

Timing: Monday to Saturday

Morning: 12:30 pm to 2:30 pm

Evening: 05:30 pm to 8:30 pm

Dentist in janakpuri

D-1C/1A, DDA Flats, (Opp, Nangal Raya DDA Complex), Janak puri, New Delhi – 110058.

Timings: Monday to Saturday

Morning: 9:30 am to 12:30 noon

Evening: 05:00 pm to 8:00 pm
Sunday: 10:30 am to 1:30 pm

Dentist in Uttam Nagar

Plot No – 7, Hanuman Mandir Road, Sainik Enclave, Sec-5, Mohan Garden (Near Sat Sahib Garden & Khedi – Bridge on Najafgarh Nala Police Chowki Road) New Delhi – 110059,

Timing: Appointment only