Playing a sport of your choice and interest is definitely exciting, but you also need to take care of safety of your mouth. Playing a sport which involves balls, bat, sticks or a lot of physical contact from other people can be dangerous to your mouth or teeth. Treatment of a cracked or broken teeth can be very costly in most cases.

Protecting teeth during sports

Equipment for protecting your teeth


A mouthguard should be used in case of any sports which includes contact with a lot of people, hard surfaces, balls or other things that could hurt your teeth. A mouthguard protects your teeth, jaws and other soft tissues of your mouth by providing cushioning to your teeth against any impact.
There are three types of mouthguards:
One size fits all: This is a ready made mouthguard with limited durability, protection and comfort. These may not fit very well in your mouth.
Boil and bite: These type of mouthguard are made of plastic and are needed to be soaked in boiled water and bitten to give a shape to them so that they fit your oral cavity. These are also not very comfortable and with a good fit.
Custom made: You can visit your dentist in order to get a custom made mouthguard for yourself. These mouthguards are the best to use because they fit your oral cavity properly and provide the best protection to your mouth, teeth and jaws. The dentist keeps in mind various factors while making a custom made mouthguard for you like the size of your mouth, bite, whether you wear braces or other appliances etc.
Helmets: Helmets also provide a good protection while you are playing sports like football, cricket, hockey etc. It is important to choose a helmet that provides the best protection as per the sport that you are playing because all sports have different helmets.
In sports like swimming, you should take care of the oh level of the water. Water having less ph value can be harmful for teeth because it is acidic.

When can you use your mouthguard ?

When you are playing a sport: It can protect you from any injuries that could occur to your teeth, lips, jaws and other soft tissues of your mouth.
Braces: If you use braces, it is better to get a custom made mouthguard for yourself. Braces are quite hard to cause damage to your teeth, or soft tissues during a game.
When you think you could come in contact with any hard surfaces, bats, balls, or other players, it is good to use a mouthguard so that you are protected.

Features of a mouthguard

Is is also important that you find a good mouthguard for you with the following features:

  • You can speak and breathe properly after wearing your mouthguard.
  • It should be comfortable, fit according to your oral cavity and should be tasteless.
  • It should stay in place while you are busy playing.

How to ensure the longevity of your mouthguard?

  • After every use, wash it with cold water, and sometimes clean it with mouthwash or a mild soap.
  • Do not chew your mouthguard, and wear it properly.
  • Keep your mouthguard properly when not in use.
  • It there are any signs that can weaken your mouthguard, show it to your dentist so he can adjust your mouthguard or give you a new one.

Treating dental problems can be a costly process, so it’s better to protect your teeth as much as you can. A mouthguard and a helmet can protect you against many injuries to your mouth without spending a lot of money.