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Dental services

Dental Services in Delhi

Dental radiographs are commonly known as Dental X-rays. These help in showing the pictures of teeth, surrounding bones and tissues. Dental X-ray helps to find the problems in that area. These are the images that clear the problems within teeth and mouth. X-ray shows the clear pictures of wisdom teeth, dental structures, bones and cavities which cannot be seen with the naked eyes. With the help of x-ray, Dentists diagnose such problems and infections. This radiograph allows the view of upper teeth, lower teeth and parts of jaw in one image.

Tooth extraction or wisdom tooth extraction is the process of removal of teeth or wisdom teeth from socket. It is also termed as dental extraction, tooth pulling and exodontia. In simple words, if the tooth gets damaged, semi-broken, decayed or broken and is not in the condition to be repaired then the tooth extraction is required. In this process, the tooth is extracted from its socket in the alveolar bone.

Root Canal treatment or R.C.T. is a dental treatment process in which the damaged pulp of a tooth is removed. After removal of damaged or dead pulp, the gapped space is cleaned and filled in proper shape, then it is sealed . It is also termed as Endodontics or Endodontic treatment.

Scaling of teeth, Teeth cleaning or dental scaling or conventional periodontal therapy is the dental procedure of removing the dental plaque and calculus. In simple words, it is a process of teeth cleaning which removes the tartar (dirty yellow layer) from the surfaces of the teeth.

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