Dental x ray

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dental x ray

Dental X ray is the best method to diagnose teeth problems.

What is X-ray ?

X-ray are a form of radiation similar to light rays, except that they are more energetic than light rays and are invisible to the human eye. They are created when an electric current is passed through a vacuum tube. This allows dentists to find hidden dental structures, malignant to see inside a tooth problem, bone loss and cavities. Radiographs can help the dental practitioner evaluate and diagnose various oral diseases and conditions. Through this, dentist knows about the patient’s health history and vulnerability to oral disease. An x-ray is a type of energy that passes through soft tissues and is absorbed by dense tissue. X-ray appears of white colour on the developed film and the vacuum area will look like black. While the teeth, tissue and fluid will be gray coloured on the film.

About Dental X ray

Dental radiographs are commonly known as Dental X-rays. These help in showing the pictures of teeth, surrounding bones and tissues. Dental X-ray helps to find the problems in that area. These are the images that clear the problems within teeth and mouth. X-ray shows the clear pictures of wisdom teeth, dental structures, bones and cavities which cannot be seen with the naked eyes. With the help of x-ray, Dentists diagnose such problems and infections. This radiograph allows the view of upper teeth, lower teeth and parts of jaw in one image. There are two types of dental x-rays:

Intraoral- Intraoral X-rays are the most common type of radiograph taken in dentistry. In this, the x-ray film is inside the mouth.

Extraoral- In this type of dental x-ray, the photographic film is placed outside of mouth.

Benefits of Dental X ray

Radiographics have numerous of benefits on patients and form integral element of clinical practice. Dental x-rays play very important role in the dental treatment as they are able to detect damaged gums, teeth, pulp etc. which are not visible through the naked eyes. They help to keep an estimate of the extent or growth of diseases, cavities, decaying and abnormal conditions. This makes dentist to know the reason of pain in specific tooth. It can also help in showing bone loss due to gum disease or dental infection. This is the painless way to diagnose the dental problems.

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