Root Canal Treatment

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root canal treatment

What is Root Canal Treatment?

Root Canal treatment or R.C.T. is a dental treatment process in which the damaged pulp of a tooth is removed. After removal of damaged or dead pulp, the gapped space is cleaned and filled in proper shape, then it is sealed . It is also termed as Endodontics or Endodontic treatment.


There can be numerous of causes for such infection. But the most commonly known causes of infected pulp may include:

Tooth may be cracked

There may be deep cavity

Tooth may be injured due to any accident.

When is it needed?

Root Canal Treatment is required when the pulp (blood supply of the tooth) gets infected due to any injury or decaying. One may not come to know about this defect in the early stage as there is no pain at that time. But later it causes toothache. When you realise such infection, root canal treatment becomes very important.

Why should it be treated?

If you realise such infection in your tooth, you must get it treated as it can lead to severe pain in the nearby bones. If you leave it untreated, the pus will be formed around the infected tooth and jawbone. And this will result in severe pain and destroy the surrounding bones. So, it is recommended to get root canal treatment soon after realising such infection. If you don’t get it done, further you may need the surgical method to remove the teeth.

It is a common procedure nowadays and lakhs of treatments are performed each year.

Root Canal Treatment has a brilliant success rate. Millions of satisfied people are the proof. It has saved lakhs of smiles.

Some years back the only solution to this problem was the removal of injured tooth, but rct has successfully saved many teeth and smiles that would have lost.

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