Scaling of Teeth-Teeth Cleaning

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scaling of teeth-teeth cleaning

What is Scaling of Teeth?

Scaling of teeth, Teeth cleaning or dental scaling or conventional periodontal therapy is the dental procedure of removing the dental plaque and calculus. In simple words, it is a process of teeth cleaning which removes the tartar (dirty yellow layer) from the surfaces of the teeth.

Firstly, you need to know the difference between plaque and tartar in order to understand the complete process.

Tartar also known as calculus is the hard layer or plaque on your teeth. It can also be formed on the gums and create several problems for gum tissues. Tartar makes the surface area stickier and lets the plaque to grow which can lead to serious dental conditions like, periodontal diseases, gum diseases and cavities.
Specially if you are addict to coffee, tea or smoke, it is very much important to prevent tartar from growing.

Plaque is a sticky substance that grows up around the gums. It is colorless and soft substance or call it a film of bacteria. This is made up of the food particles and saliva that get collected on the teeth and transform into a transparent layer. It slowly damages the teeth and gums, causes cavities and gingivitis. And if you don’t brush regularly, it becomes a hard layer which we call tartar.

How to prevent Plaque from growing?

It is important to brush the teeth regularly twice a dayscaling of teeth. If you don’t brush regularly, this may lead to building of plaque which later on forms a hard layer on the teeth surface. This forms tartar which is a hard yellow layer and creates dental problems and unhygienic. In order to prevent such dental problem, you need to do mouthwash daily and keep your mouth hygiene. And must gargle after eating dinner, lunch, breakfast or any edibles.

You must visit dentist once or twice a year for teeth cleaning-scaling of teeth.

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