Tooth extraction-Wisdom tooth extraction

tooth extraction-wisdom tooth extractionTooth extraction or wisdom tooth extraction is the process of removal of teeth or wisdom teeth from socket. It is also termed as dental extraction, tooth pulling and exodontia. In simple words, if the tooth gets damaged, semi-broken, decayed or broken and is not in the condition to be repaired then the tooth extraction is required. In this process, the tooth is extracted from its socket in the alveolar bone.



Wisdom tooth extraction

A wisdom tooth is referred to the four molars in the teeth set of humans. It is the last one which generally comes after the teen age of humans (between 18 to 25). Wisdom teeth is the last tooth in each set of molars.

The wisdom teeth sometimes are not able to grow normally in the mouth or cause infections to the gum(pericoronitis). In this condition, one can suffer from severe pain and might not be able to open the mouth properly. Such reasons become the causes of wisdom tooth extraction.

There are many reasons for tooth extraction like decaying of tooth, periodontal disease etc.


The procedure of dental extraction may be painful experience but it is the last option to end the teeth problem. The infected or defected tooth is pulled out in the following steps:

Firstly, the dentist will inject an anaesthetic nearby the tooth or teeth to be extracted.

Wait for few minutes to allow the injected anaesthetic to function.

Then the dentist will widen the tooth socket until its loose enough for pulling out the tooth.

Slowly widening the socket, the tooth will be taken out.

You may feel pressure in mouth during this process but afterwards everything will seem normal. And if any pain is felt later on, must consult to the dentist soon.

After Extraction

There are certain side side-effects that are temporary such as:

Gums may bleed for few minutes after the tooth pulling or teeth pulling.

The effect of anaesthetic usually ends within a day. So, don’t drive, drink or any other mental work.

You may feel discomfort at the empty space or nearby the extracted tooth. This ends within few weeks.

If you has wisdom tooth extraction, type of swelling may be felt. Treat it using ice pack or ice bag wrapped in towel over the jaw.

Don’t try to forcefully open your jaw after wisdom tooth removal.

Little bleeding is normal for a day after extraction.

But contact the dentist immediately if you feel any kind of abnormalities.

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